Wednesday - Friday | December 13-15, 2023





Comfort At The Extremes 2023
Wednesday - Friday , December 13th - 15th , 2023
CEPT University | Ahmedabad , India

Climate change has introduced extremity in weather events by increasing their intensity and frequency. The recent pandemic has further exacerbated the extremities and added new challenges in addressing climate change.

The current state of affairs demands immediate action in multiple dimensions ranging from climate adaptation and mitigation to climate resilience. Moreover, focusing on the regeneration of resources is equally critical at present.

Climate change affects various geographical, social, cultural, economic, and climatic contexts differently. Additionally, its impacts are visible at extreme physical scales ranging from an individual human body and its physiology to the urban level. And therefore, we need diverse solutions for diverse scales and contexts. The plethora of probable solutions must also be interdisciplinary to demonstrate effectiveness in multiple domains that affect each other.

Building on the success of the international ‘Windsor Conferences on Thermal Comfort (1994-2020)’ and the ‘Comfort at the Extremes Conferences’ in Dubai (2019), Oman (2021), and Edinburgh (2022), CATE 2023 at CEPT University, Ahmedabad hopes to bring diverse groups together to deliberate interdisciplinary solutions and strategies oriented toward climate change and associated extreme events at several scales.

A rapidly developing country in the global South, India is a representative of cooling-dominated countries and the challenges they face due to climate change. At CATE 2023, the authors will attend the conference in person in Ahmedabad, India to present their papers. Moreover, live streaming will help take proceedings of the conference to a wider audience worldwide.