CATE 2023 conference will kickstart at 17h15 on 13th December 2023 with a reception at the Balwantrai N. Brahmbhatt Lecture Hall, CEPT University.

The Balwantrai N. Brahmbhatt Lecture Hall at CEPT University stands as a dedicated space for intellectual exploration and academic discourse. Named after the distinguished individual, Balwantrai N. Brahmbhatt, this hall serves as a hub for lectures, seminars, and conferences, fostering a vibrant environment for knowledge exchange. Its architectural design, featuring modern amenities, the hall creates an engaging atmosphere. Equipped with advanced technological facilities, the lecture hall enhances the learning experience, contributing to the academic growth of the university. Through events hosted in this space, the hall plays a pivotal role in shaping the academic landscape at CEPT University, leaving a lasting impact on its community.